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  •         2016年论坛的内容报告由上海德谌企业管理咨询有限公司的黄震博士提供。各个研讨分会场的简短纪要由上海德商会的论坛组织团队成员提供。| The summary report on the 2016 Forum was provided by Dr. Zhen Huang from Shanghai De Chen Consulting Co. Ltd.. The short minutes on the workshops were taken by different members of the organizational team of German Chamber Shanghai.

            请注意,这两篇文件的作者只是记录了他们对论坛及其各个研讨会的个人看法或印象,不保证其信息的完整性和正确性。另外,两篇文件的内容都没有经过与会嘉宾的审核。| Please notice that the authors of both papers have been trying to document their personal perception or impression of the Forum and its workshops without claiming completeness and correctness. And the content of both papers have not been reviewed by the VIP speakers.