Section outline

  • 举办中德管理控制论坛的主意,一开始是在原上海德谌企业管理咨询有限公司首席合伙人黄震博士,原上海大众汽车公司高管 Bernd Pichler先生以及德国商学院 WHU Vallendar的 Utz Schaeffer 教授的对话讨论中产生的。 他们当时都是“管理控制在中国”倡议的积极分子, 该倡议面向那些对现代企业管理会计和管理控制感兴趣的中德企业专业人士, 旨在促进他们之间的对话交流。


    从2021年开始,苏州欧洲商会 DUSA 接替上海德国商会论坛主办方的角色,与位于德国慕尼黑的管理咨询和培训公司 Corporate Performance One 合作,共同举办这一华东地区中德企业界财务和管控专业人士以及对管控兴趣的非财高管和经理人士的年度盛会。

    The original idea for the Sino-German Controlling Forum was born in dialogue between Dr. Zhen Huang, former managing partner of Shanghai De Chen Enterprise Management Consulting Co. Ltd., Mr. Bernd Pichler who was at that time senior executive at Shanghai Volkswagen, and Prof. Dr. Utz Schaeffer from the German Business School WHU Vallendar. They were activists of "Controlling in China", which was at that time an initiative with the objective to promote the dialog between German and Chinese business and finance professionals interested in modern, efficient manage­ment accounting and controlling practice.

    The 1st forum was held in Shanghai in October 2013. It was co-organized by Shanghai De Chen Enterprise Management Consulting Co. Ltd., CA Controller Akademie from Germany, the International Association of Controllers (ICV), and the Shanghai National Accounting Institute. 

    Through the involvement of the German Chamber of Commerce in China Shanghai which has taken over the role of co-organizer since 2014, the Sino-German Controlling Forum has enhanced the industry focus and put a stronger emphasis on building a bridge between German and Chinese controlling practices.

    From 2021 on, Suzhou European Business Association DUSA has taken over the role of co-organizer from German Chamber of Commerce in Shanghai. It cooperates with Corporate Performance One, a management consulting and training company based in Munich/Germany, in providing the Forum as a leading annual event for finance and controlling professionals as well as non-finance senior executives and managers in Sino-German business community in East China.  

  • 2024年第十一届中德管理控制论坛“赢在市场” | 11th Sino-German Controlling Forum 2024 "Winning in Markets"

    2024年演讲嘉宾 | Speakers 2024

    • Mr. THOMAS ZIMMERLE, Senior Vice President & CFO Greater China at Infineon Technologies China Co., Ltd.
    • Mr. MATTHIAS MROSS, Deputy Managing Director and CFO of KOSTAL Asia
    • Mr. BIN HUANG, Manager Sustainability Region Greater China at Schaeffler (China) Co., Ltd.
    • Mr. Tomas Kucera, China General Manager at J.M. Gemini Personnel
    • DR JEAN-YVES LE CORRE, Associate Professor of Practice, Educational Developer at Xi'an Jiaotong-Liverpool University
    • Ms. AMY DAN, Senior Manager Business Controlling for Adhesive Industry Business Unit at Henkel
    • Ms. VICKY YANG, Senior Manager Business Controlling for Adhesive Industry Business Unit at Henkel
    • Ms. PAULA YU, Finance Director & Vice General Manager of MODULA(China) Automation Equipment Co., Ltd.
    • Mr. STEPHANE MONSALLIER, CEO & Founder of System in Motion
    • Mr. STEFAN SEXL, Senior Expert and BARC Fellow at BARC GmbH/Germany
    • Mr. SCHUBERT LOU, Vice President of Group Ltd., Chief Operating Officer of

    2023年第十届中德管理控制论坛“为企业转型服务的管理控制” | 10th Sino-German Controlling Forum 2023 "Controlling for Transformation" 

    2023年演讲嘉宾 | Speakers 2023

    • Ms. Dr. Sigrid Winkler, Deputy Executive Director, German Chamber of Commerce China · Shanghai
    • Mr. Xavier Alarcón, Chief Financial Officer, SAIC-Volkswagen Shanghai Sales company
    • Ms. Airu Gong, Finance Director, Poclain Hydraulic (Shanghai) Co. Ltd.
    • Mr. Richard Jiang, Associate Director, PriceWaterhouseCoopers Shanghai
    • Mr. Julien BOUSSU, Regional Financial Controller at Knorr-Bremse China, Member of Board of Directors at DUSA
    • Ms. Lily Wu, Chief Financial Officer at ruhlamat Group Asia
    • Mr. Ronnie Chen, Operation Controlling Manager at ruhlamat Suzhou
    • Mr. Matthias Tschermak von Seysenegg, Vice President Finance & IT,  NOK-Freudenberg China
    • Mr. Li Haiguang, Chief Information Officer, Schaeffler Holding (China) Co.Ltd.
    • Mr. Francesco Ingarsia | Chief Financial Officer of Schaeffler Greater China, Leader of ICV Work Group East China 
    2021年第九届中德管理控制论坛“疫情后时代的企业管控和管理控制师” | 9th Sino-German Controlling Forum 2021 "Controlling & Controller in Post-Pandemic Era"

    2021年演讲嘉宾 | Speakers 2021

    • Ms. Bettina Schoen-Behanzin | Regional Representative Asia of Freudenberg Group, Vice President of the European Union Chamber of Commerce in China, and Board Chair of the Shanghai Chapter
    • Dr. Frank Scheidemantel | Regional President Global Business, Member of the Board, Bosch (China) Investment Ltd.
    • Mr. Julien BOUSSU | Financial Controller of Knorr-Bremse Systems for Rail Vehicles (Suzhou) Co., Ltd., Member of Board of Directors of DUSA
    • Ms. Qi Wei (Mary), Director Taxation & Customs at Schaeffler Holding (China) Co., Ltd.
    • Ms. Shirely GU | HR VP-NA at Vesuvius advance ceramics (China) Co., Ltd.
    • Prof. Li Xing | Group Vice President of MaxInsight Data & Consulting Corp. Ltd.
    • Mr. Roger QU | Senior Manager, Deloitte Consulting (Shanghai) Co. Ltd.
    • Ms. Xiao Yan, Head of Lean Management Office Greater China at Schaeffler Holding (China) Co., Ltd.
    • Prof. Dr. Utz Schäffer | Director of the Institute of Management Accounting and Control (IMC) at WHU – Otto Beisheim School of Management, Chairman of the Board of Trustees of International Association of Controllers (ICV) 


    • Prof. Li Xin, Head of Corporate Finance, Head of Brand Controlling Volkswagen Passenger Cars, Head of Finance Skoda, Volkswagen Group China
    • Ms. Shirley Wang, Partner of Financial Advisory Services at Deloitte
    • Mr. Arjan van der Oort, CFO, Boehringer Ingelheim
    • Mr. Aaron Wang, Order-To-Cash (OTC) Process Leader, Senior Credit Manager at Eaton (China) Investments Co., Ltd.
    • Ms. Zhao Bei, Director of Accounting at Porsche China
    • Ms. Tang Jing, Senior Manager of Data and Risk Management at Porsche China
    • Mr. Volker Michels, Head of Controlling APAC, Jungheinrich
    • Mr. Michael Muell, SAP FI Consultant at Schaeffler Greater China
    • Ms. Shen Jie (Summer), Supervisor for Accounts Payable at Schaeffler Greater China
    • Ms. Claudia Maron, Head of Governance, DATEV eG, Member of the Board at International Association of Controllers (ICV)
    • Ms. Helen Xie Chief Operation Officer at SAP Labs China
    • Mr. Oliver Buergstein, Managing Director & Member of the Board at ruhlamat Automation Technologies (Suzhou)
    • Mrs. Lily Wu, Chief Finance Officer at ruhlamat Automation Technologies (Suzhou)
    • Mrs. Andrea Keller, Chief Financial Officer at TRUMPF China
    • Ms. Ling CHEN, Partner in Risk Assurance, PwC China
    • Mr. Christian Keitel, Manager in Risk Assurance, PwC Hong Kong
    • Mr. Mason Liu, Controlling Manager, Kern-Liebers Group (China)
    • Mr. Eric Yang, Vice President Finance & Controlling, Bosch
    • Ms. Song Yang, Senior Manager at Accounting Center of Excellence Asia Pacific, Bosch
    • Mr. Chaoting Chen (Ted), Senior Director of FSSC Schaeffler Greater China
    • Ms. Yunfang Liu (Rebecca) | Controlling Manager at Schaeffler Friction Suzhou
    • Ms. Guo Jian, Costing and Production Controlling Manager, WAGO Electronic (Tianjin) Co. Ltd.

    2018年演讲嘉宾 | Speakers 2018
    • Carsten Arntz 先生,财务总监,上海大众集团 | Mr. Carsten Arntz, Head of Finance, SAIC Volkswagen Automotive Co. Ltd.
    • Alexander Tobert 先生,财务总监,凯恩-里伯斯(太仓)| Mr. Alexander Tobert, Chief Financial Officer, Kern-Liebers (Taicang) Co. Ltd.
    • Oliver Diehm 先生,管理控制总监,博泽中国 | Mr. Oliver Diehm, Director Controlling, Brose China
    • Peter Corne 先生,首席合伙人,Dorey & Whitney 律师事务所 | Mr. Peter Corne, Managing Partner, Dorey & Whitney LLP
    • 王勇先生,创立合伙人,Greenment 资本 | Mr. Wang Yong, Founding Partner, Greenment Capital
    • 周蕾女士,财务总监,魏德米勒中国 | Mrs. Chasy Zhou, CFO, Weidmüller China
    • 陈明先生,财务和管控经理,魏德米勒中国 | Mr. Keven Chen, Finance & Controlling Manager, Weidmüller China
    • 王璐小姐, 大中国区管控主管,拜耳中国 | Ms. Lu Wang,Head of Controlling Greater China, Bayer (China) Limited
    • 俞江先生,大中华区域管控总监,舍弗勒大中国区 | Mr. River Yu,Director Regional Controlling Greater China, Scheaffler Greater China
    • 徐慧小姐,大中华区工厂管控,舍弗勒大中国区 | Ms. Hui Xu, Industrial Controlling Greater China, Schaeffler Holding (China)Co., Ltd.
    • Francesco Ingarsia 先生,财务总监,舍弗勒大中国区, 国际管理控制师协会中国华东小组召集人 | Mr. Francesco Ingarsia,CFO, Schaeffler Greater China & Leader of ICV Work Group East China
    • Ramesh Moosa 先生,合伙人,网络安全和法律鉴定技术部,普华永道管理咨询(上海)| Mr. Ramesh Moosa,Partner, Cybe Security & Forentic Technology, PWC Management Consulting (Shanghai) Limited
    • Annie Xue 博士女士,高级律师,瑞柏律师事务所 | Dr. Annie Xue,Senior Attorney, Rui Bai Law Firm

    2017年演讲嘉宾 | Speakers 2017

    • Matthias von Daacke 先生,国际管理控制师协会ICV董事会成员, BLANCO集团管理层成员和管理控制部主管 | Mr. Matthias von Daacke, Member of the Board, Internationaler Controller Verein eV (ICV) & Member of the Management Board and Director Controlling, BLANCO Group
    • Oliver Diehm 先生,管理控制和成本总监, 博泽中国 | Mr. Oliver Diehm, Director Controlling & Cost Management , Brose China Co., Ltd.
    • Tobias Bichler 先生,生产和职能部门管理控制总监,博泽中国 | Mr. Tobias Bichler, Director Plant & Functional Controlling, Brose China Co., Ltd.
    • Philipp Senff 先生,合伙人,CMS中国律师事务所 | Mr. Philipp Senff, Partner, CMS China
    • Chris Ding 小姐,财务和管控主管,亚太区报表负责人, 采埃孚 (中国)投资公司 | Ms. Chris Ding, Head of Finance & Controlling, Reporting AP, ZF (China) Investment
    • 吕敦成先生,总经理,菲仕乐中国 | Mr. Tun Sen Loo, General Manager, Fissler China Ltd.
    • 薛国珍女士,财务主管,菲仕乐中国 | Mrs. Jane Xue, Finance Director, Fissler China Ltd.
    • 唐静女士,财务风险经理,保时捷(中国) | Ms. Jing Tang, Finance Risk Manager, Porsche (China) Motors Limited
    • Chritine Chang 女士,财务会计咨询业务经理,普华永道(上海) | Ms. Christine Chang, Accounting Advisory Manager, PwC Shanghai
    • 俞江先生,总部职能管理控制主管,舍弗勒大中国区 | Mr. River Yu, Director Controlling Central Function, Schaeffler (China) Co., Ltd.
    • Grace Wang女士,汽车事业部管理控制,舍弗勒大中国区 | Ms. Grace Wang, Automotive Business Division Controlling, Schaeffler Greater China
    • 杨柳小姐,工业事业部管理控制和大中华和亚太区销售管控,舍弗勒大中国区 | Mr. Kelly Yang, Industrial Controlling & Sales Controlling in Greater China & Asia Pacific, Schaeffler Greater China


    2016年第四届中德管理控制论坛“通过管理控制实现卓伟的本地业务 ” | 4th Sino-German Controlling Forum 2016: “Controlling for Local Excellence”

    2016年演讲嘉宾 | Speakers 2016

    • Francesco Ingarsia先生,财务总监,舍弗勒大中国区 | Mr. Francesco Ingarsia, CFO, Schaeffler Greater China
    • Marc von Busse 先生,财务主管, E.G.O(中国) | Mr. Marc von Busse, Finance Director, E.G.O. Components (China) Co., Ltd
    • Peter Richter 先生,管理控制总监,瓦克化学 | Mr. Peter Richter, Head of Controlling, Wacker Chemicals
    • 岑睿彦女士,管理控制总监,大陆集团中国 | Ms. Cherrie Cen, Head of Central Controlling, Continental China
    • Jo Santens先生,总经理,联合磨削机床集团(上海) | Mr. Jo Santens, General Manager, United Grinding (Shanghai) Ltd.
    • James Zhao 先生,合伙人,德勤中国上海 | Mr. James Zhao, Partner, Deloitte, Shanghai, Chin
    • Victor Zhang 先生,高级经理,税务 - 转移价格, 德勤中国上海 | Mr. Victor Zhang,Senior Manager, Tax – Transfer Pricing, Deloitte, Shanghai, China
    • Helmut Schoeneberger 博士先生,技术总经理,E.G.O(中国) | Dr. Helmut Schoeneberger, Managing Director Operations, E.G.O. Components (China) Co., Ltd
    • Hans-Henning Toepper 博士先生,物料需求计划和物流高级主管,联合汽车电子有限公司 | Dr. Hans-Henning Toepper, Senior Director Demand Planning & Logistics, United Automotive Electronic Systems Co., Ltd.
    • Gerd Möhrke 先生,主管,普华永道思略特管理咨询 (上海) 有限公司 | Mr. Gerd Möhrke, Principal, PwC Strategy& (Shanghai) Ltd


    2015年中德管理控制论坛“通过管理控制提高企业的经济效益” | 3rd Sino-German Controlling Forum 2015: “Controlling for More Efficiency”

    2015年演讲嘉宾 | Speakers 2015 

    • 刘璇叡女士,朗盛大中国区财务总监 | Mrs. Michelle Liu, CFO Greater China, Lanxess
    • Lothar Grad 先生,塑能科技(苏州)总经理,苏州欧洲商会会长 | Mr. Lothar Grad, General Manager of Soehner Technology (Suzhou), Chairman of Suzho European Association DUSA
    • Teo Zhao 先生,销售分析师, 汉斯格雅卫浴产品(上海) | Mr. Teo Zhao, Sales Analyst, Hansgrohe Sanitary Products (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.  
    • Tanja Wehrle女士,管理控制师,汉斯格雅卫浴产品(上海) | Mrs. Tanja Wehrle, Controlling, Hansgrohe Sanitary Products (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.
    • Bernd Pichler 先生,大众品牌高级销售总监,上海大众集团 | Mr. Bernd Pichler, Senior Director Sales Volkswagen Brand, SAIC Volkswagen
    • Andreas Haeckl 先生,汽车事业部管理控制总监,舍弗勒大中国区 | Mr. Andreas Haeckl, Director  Controlling  Automotive, Schaeffler Holding (China) Co., Ltd.
    • Harry Pfohlmann先生,财务和管理控制总监,凯士比泵有限公司 | Mr. Harry Pfohlmann, Finance and Controlling Director, KSB Pump Group China


    2014年第二届中德管理控制论坛“为企业增长服务的管理控制” | 2nd Sino-German Controlling Forum 2014: “Controlling for Growth”

    2014年演讲嘉宾 | Speakers 2014

    • 傅芳萍小姐,管控部经理,联合汽车电子有限公司 | Ms. Fu Fangping, Head of Controlling, United Automotive Electronics Systems (UAES)
    • Enrico Turchet 先生,财务总监,上海博泽电机有限公司 | Mr. Enrico Turchet, CFO, Shanghai Brose Electric Motors Co., Ltd.
    • Yanik Kiermeier 先生,财务经理,上海申克机械有限公司 | Mr. Yanik Kiermeier, Finance Manager, Schenck Shanghai Machinery Co., Ltd
    • 周淑琴女士,财务总监,克朗斯中国 | Mrs. Dr. Zhou Shuqin, CFO, Krones China
    • Dirk Lange 先生,总经理,杜拉维特中国公司 | Mr. Dirk Lange, Managing Director, Duravit China
    • 王韵女士,咨询业务合伙人,安永咨询(中国)有限公司 | Ms. Robyn Wang, Partner Advisory, Ernst & Young (China)
    • 马建先生, 合伙人,Express Finance Solution (上海)项腾软件  | Mr. Jason Ma, Partner, Express Finance Solutions (Shanghai)


    2013年第一届中德管理控制论坛“管理控制和管理控制师” | 1st Sino-German Controlling Forum 2013: “Controlling and Controller”

    2013年演讲嘉宾 | Speakers 2013:

    • Utz Schaeffer博士教授,德国WHU商学院 | Prof. Dr. Utz Schaeffer, German Business School WHU,
    • Bernd Pichler先生,大众品牌营销和销售总监, 上海大众集团 | Mr. Bernd Pichler, Director Sales VW Marketing & Sales Division, SAIC Volkswagen, 
    • 黄震博士,首席合伙人,上海德谌企业管理咨询有限公司 | Dr. Zhen Huang, Managing Partner, Shanghai De Chen Consulting, 
    • 孟祥云女士,首席会计师,宝钢集团 | Mrs. Xiangyun Meng, Chief Accounting Officer, Bao Steel Group
    • 江百灵副教授,上海国家会计学院 | Vice Professor Mr. Bailin Jiang, Shanghai National Accounting Institute