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  • 本摘要报告由上海德谌企业管理咨询有限公司的黄震博士撰写。请注意,本文只是记录作者对论坛的个人看法或印象,而不保证其完整性和正确性。 另外,本文内容没有得到所有发言者的审核。| This summary report was written by Dr. Zhen Huang from Shanghai De Chen Consulting Co. Ltd.. Please notice that the author of this paper has only been trying to document his personal perception or impression of the Forum without claiming completeness and correctness. And the content of this paper has not been reviewed by all speakers.

    第二份报告由德商会上海分会在其媒体上发表。| The second report was published by German Chamber Shanghai in their media.