Section outline

  • Since the 9th Sino-German Controlling Forum in autumn 2021 we have experienced major events that have affected the world with a lasting impact. Geopolitical tensions and the war in Ukraine have further interrupted supply-chains and fueled inflationary pressure which put the cash and profitability position of companies under severe pressure. The major impacts of COVID-19 are becoming a thing of the past and the society and economy come back to normality, the “new normal”. Despite and because of those challenges industries are experiencing the transformational powers at a large scale. 

    At the forum we try to provide a platform for the exchange among financial as well as non-financial professionals in Sino-German business community on some of the topics. What are the business models for future success and which industries have the potentials for future growth: The analysis of current state and future outlook of German business in China will be necessary for both large multi-national companies and small-to-medium sized enterprises which are adapting to an increasingly complex business environment

    The speed of transformation seems to be unprecedented. The Automotive industry in China is leading the shift from the pure internal combustion engine drive-train to E-Mobility and Intelligent connected vehicles. Within the companies the digitalization trends revolutionize entire business processes. The upskilling and talent development are becoming more important. On the other hand, companies are being offered by Local Governments with incentive programs. Those new stakeholders bring opportunities but also requirements for the whole organization. Despite all those developments the key tasks of the Controllers and the Finance professional is always the support and the guidance as a navigator and business partner

    Furthermore, many multinational companies have started their transformation roadmap for upgrading of their ERP systems from SAP R/3 to S4 HANA. How does the transformation usually occur and what will mean for the local Finance organization as backbone of the companies? Besides the well-established system, new Workflow and Collaboration-Systems have gained more acceptance in the companies. Not only have they become more integrated into the day-to-day operations, but their complexity been scaled down in such a way that Citizen IT as power users is able to quickly realize enterprise-wide processes.

    Transformation is not only taking place in multi-national companies or large business groups, but also in the sector of small-to-medium sized companies. How to copy with the increasing cost and cash pressure in business, how to reduce risks in supply chain in a time of increasing geopolitical tension, how to develop a company-specific path for digitalization with limited IT resources, and how to develop internal controlling capabilities meeting the requirements of transformation, are all points of common interests for both business & finance and controlling managers.  

    Those topics will only be some areas which will be covered in the 10th Sino-German Controlling Forum, which has its leading motto “Controlling for Transformation”.

    We would like to welcome everyone interested in future-oriented controlling and business practice in China to join the largest annual controlling event of Sino-German and Sino-European business community in China. Do not miss the opportunity to exchange your viewpoints and experience with old and new friends in Suzhou on June 16th, 2023! We are awaiting your attendance!