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  •         不管您是管理控制师/管理会计还是非财业务经理,固定成本管理是您加强日常管控和提升业务绩效过程中一项重要而又富有挑战性的工作。特别是当企业面临越来越大的不确定性或市场困难时,优化固定成本可以提高企业的灵活度,降低企业盈利性风险和流动性风险。在本次网上讲座中,演讲嘉宾将和您探讨固定成本优化的若干思路和方法,包括企业财务和管控数字化时代的最新手段。讲座内容主要包括
    • 成本可控性分析
    • 成本标杆比较
    • 成本类别管控
    • 大数据分析和流程挖掘(Process Mining)
    • 内部流程自动化(Robotic Process Automation)

    Management of fixed cost is an important and challenging job for controllers and managers in daily practice of controlling and business performance improvement. Especially in times of increasing uncertainties and market difficulties, optimizing fixed cost means more flexibility and reduced risks for business profitability and liquidity. In this webinar, the speaker will discuss about some practical approaches and concepts for optimizing fixed cost, including some advanced ideas for fixed cost controlling in times of digital finance & controlling. Major topics will include
    • Controllability of costs
    • Cost benchmarking
    • Cost category controlling
    • Big Data Application / Process Mining
    • Robotic Process Automation

  • 2020年11月27日 15:00 - 16:45  |  November 27th, 2020, 15:00 – 16:45

  • 本次活动为网上活动,以 ZOOM 视频会议的方式进行。我们将提前三天通过邮件发给报名参会者相关的 ZOOM会议邀请和密码。

    This is an Online Event which will be held in form of a ZOOM meeting. We will send relevant ZOOM meeting invitation and password to registered participants three working days prior to the event day.

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    •         Dietmar Pascher 先生在德国CA管理控制学院讲授五个阶梯的管理控制和管理控制师证书培训课程,是德国CA管理控制学院的合伙人及其国际合作项目的负责人。他可以用德语、英语、西班牙语和法语为客户提供公开课培训或者企业内训,帮助和指导客户企业实现它们的战略、运营和财务管理控制目标。Dietmar Pascher 先生是拥有信息技术和工商管理双学位的工业工程师。他先是在奥地利最大的家具行业零售供应商Frischeis AG 股份公司担任销售管理控制师。接着他加入了奥地利的KNAPP AG股份公司, 任职项目经理和国际业务管理控制师,该公司是一家全球领先的为零售行业提供仓储和物流服务的供应商。在加入德国管理控制学院前,他是KAPP AG股份公司的研发总监。

      Mr. Dietmar Pascher teaches in the 5-Stages Controller’s Diploma (CA) program and provides public training and/or in-house workshops in German, English, Spanish and French language. Furthermore, he accompanies and coaches companies in putting strategic, operational and financial controlling topics into practices. Mr. Dietmar Pascher is Industrial Engineer for Informatics and Business Administration. He worked as a sales controller in Frischeis AG, Austrian biggest retailer for furniture industry supplies. After that he joint KNAPP AG in Graz, Austria - world leading supplier for warehouse logistics in the retailer business – working as a project manager and controller for international projects. Before joining Controller Akademie, he was director of research and development for KNAPP AG.

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