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  •         企业商务智能(Business Intelligence, BI)体系为企业提升财务和业务管控水平带来了很多机遇。因此,建设一个有效和高效的内部商务智能系统是企业数字化转型工作的一个重要方面。但并不是所有企业都拥有足够的IT人手和资源来支持相关工作。如何在IT资源瓶颈约束下,建设好内部商务智能体系,经常是摆在不少公司领导和财务经理面前的一道课题。本次直播讲座,将向您介绍
    • 什么是商务智能?它为企业管控工作带来哪些机遇?
    • 如何利用手中现成的或常用的IT工具,自己动手(DIY)搭建内部商务智能体系?
    • 财务和管控部门在建设内部BI体系过程中的角色和任务有哪些?
    • 自主建设商务智能系统或会面临哪些挑战?可以如何面对?

    Business Intelligence (BI) system can bring many opportunities for improving finance and business controlling. Establishing effective and efficient BI system should be a major point in the agenda of business digitalization. But not every company has sufficient IT manpower and resources for doing necessary jobs. How to build up internal BI system under the constraints of limited IT resources, is a common question to be answered by business executives and financial managers in many companies. In this live webinar, the speaker is going to discuss with you about the following points:
    • What is Business Intelligence (BI), and which opportunities does BI bring to you for controlling?
    • How can one create a "Do-It-Yourself" (DIY) BI system using existing or commonly available IT tools?
    • Which roles and tasks have finance & controlling department for building up internal BI system?
    • Which challenges may one encounter, and how to deal with them?

  • 对通过商务智能(BI)提升财务和业务管控水平感兴趣的企业经理和专业人士|
    Managers and professionals who are interested in improving controlling practice based on Business Intelligence (BI)

  • 2021年5月26日 14:00 - 15:30  |  May 26th, 2021, 14:00 – 15:30

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