Mr. Arjan van der Oort (CFO at Boehringer Ingelheim)

Arjan van der Oort, born and raised in The Netherlands, started his professional career at a local Accounting firm, and via various finance roles at Sony Consumer Electronics in Amsterdam and in Londen, joined Boehringer Ingelheim, a German based, family owned pharmaceutical company, in 2005. In the Dutch affiliate of BI he was head of Finance and Accounting as well as controller for the Animal Health business Unit. In Istanbul, Turkey, Arjan performed the role of Finance and Accounting Director, combined with Compliance Officer. He also participated in the roll out of the shared service concept in the Middle East, Turkey and Africa region before joining BI’s affiliate in China. Arjan has served BI for the past 4 years in China, taking on the CFO role for the Greater China area.
Arjan is married and has 3 children.

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